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Corey & Evelin!

ENGABAO BEACH CLUB -  Corey & Evelin

Hi it's Corey!


I met Evelin while traveling to Ecuador nearly a decade ago. We met in a town called Montanita. It was love at first sight! After 1 month of getting to know eachother I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes! Ten years have now gone by and we are married!

In 2018 we started filming for a reality television series that documented our hectic, but unique and beautiful relationship. After being part in multiple series over the years it had always been a dream of ours to be able to offer vacation opportunities to those watching our journey. We wanted to show everyone this unique and wonderful place that we call home. Not just the people who have watched the show, but to anyone interested in getting away to experience this new culture!

Over the years we have developed and started businesses together here in Ecuador. We have built from the ground up multiple restaurants. Our first is a bar called Cocteles Del Paraiso. Second is a beachfront restaurant that was build for Evelins family named Casa del Cacique. Our current project is called Engabao Beach Club. It's a small beachfront boutique hotel with a full bar and restaurant. We have been working very hard and have risked everything we have to make this dream a reality!

We are very excited to meet each and every one of you and could not be more happy that this project is finally complete! Thanks to everyone in advance who supports and takes the vacation out to Puerto Engabao to experience this dream with us 

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